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Employment Harassment

Employment harassment represents one of the most troublesome reasons why people seek out our firm’s help and advice. An employer can breach a contract, refuse to pay wages or even lie to the employee. However, there is something very unique about employment harassment or workplace harassment and it is a kind of conduct that should never be tolerated in a civilized society.

Employment harassment occurs through various means and in various ways. For instance, an employee can be harassed in writing or verbally. An employee can be a victim of employment harassment or workplace harassment by being yelled or sworn at. An employee can be harassed by being overwhelmed with work or unwarranted and unwelcomed jokes. Finally, an employee can experience employment harassment or workplace harassment through more subtle means. For instance, an employee can be made to undergo bogus performance reviews or perform tasks that are designed to accomplish failure and force the employee to quit.

One of the more “textbook” scenarios of employment harassment or workplace harassment occur when an employee begins to answer to a new supervisor. Under such circumstances, the new supervisor wants to “show who’s boss,” which typically results in the imposition of contrived disciplinary measures as a result of the employee’s failure to meet arbitrary expectations or impossible performance standards.

Over the course of our many years in practice as employment lawyers, we have seen countless forms of employment harassment or workplace harassment. One thing is certain: you do not have to experience any sort of humiliation and you are entitled to a respectful and dignified work environment. If you have issues with any of the above, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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