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A mesh of urbanity and a thriving rural community is what propels the Town of Whitby forward. Home to the Regional Municipality of Durham headquarters, Whitby features a bustling economic hub catering largely to the automotive, advanced manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, publishing, and retail industries.

With more than 70,000 people comprising its skilled labour force, and an estimated 3,575 businesses, Whitby boasts one of Canada’s most diversified and stable economies. Despite the continuing success of its flourishing business community, disputes between employees, employers, and staff, and business partners can and do arise.

The Canadian legal system, can be a confusing one to navigate. Furthermore, staying abreast of changes in provincial and federal employment laws and labour laws is an all-encompassing responsibility few individuals or small business owners can commit the time to understand. That’s where we come in.

Employment & Labour Lawyers in Whitby

Zeilikman Law has the experience and knowledge to advise and represent business owners, entrepreneurs, trade unions, and individual workers on a diverse range of legal matters concerning employment law and labour law including:

  • Wrongful dismissals, human rights violations, and sexual harassment

  • We negotiate and represent professionals in matters of discipline for several professions

  • Workplace group coverage and short- and long-term disability benefits 

  • Complex labour and employment disputes such as purchase and sale of business arguments and restrictive covenants

Zeilikman Law specializes in protecting the rights of individuals, trade unions, and small business owners

Our savvy team of labour lawyers and employment layers includes negotiators who are barristers and solicitors. We pride ourselves on delivering results-oriented guidance, advice, and representation to all of our valued clients.

Whether you are a corporate executive or a small business owner, a union leader, or an individual ensnared in a legal or disciplinary dispute, call on Durham’s labour and employment law team to provide the guidance you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

If you have a question about labour law, employment law, your rights or your business’s rights, give us a call. Let us put our knowledge and dedication to work for you!