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Faced with a wrongful dismissal suit or allegations of professional misconduct? Get reliable, results-oriented legal representation from Barrie’s employment law practice.

As the largest metropolitan centre in Central Ontario, the City of Barrie is home to a global and diverse range of more than 6,800 companies in the manufacturing, construction, retail and wholesale trade, scientific, healthcare, and financial and digital services industries.

With its highly educated and skilled labour force of approximately 94,000, Barrie ranks among the top 10 cities to run a business in KPMG’s annual “Competitive Alternatives 2016” global study. When employment or labour issues such as wrongful dismissal occur, or should issues concerning professional conduct arise, you need an experienced legal team on your side.

That’s where we come in. Zeilikman Law’s dedicated, experienced team of employment lawyers, labour lawyers and litigation lawyers have been providing counsel and results-oriented representation for unions, as well as, businesses and professionals in Barrie in a variety of complex cases. We are the law firm for businesses in Barrie.

Employment Lawyers & Labour Lawyers in Barrie

At Zeilikman Law, conflict resolution is our passion. We know how to protect you and your rights. Our practice encompasses a broad range of services including counsel and representation for:

  • Wrongful dismissals, collective bargaining agreements, privacy concerns, unionization and de-unionization

  • Employment disputes and professional discipline matters for engineers, accountants, real estate agents and others

  • Matters concerning the elimination period for long-term disability, as well as life and medical benefits coverage

  • Purchase and sale of business arguments and restrictive covenants

Sage Advice for Business Owners, Union Reps, and Workers in Barrie

Zeilikman Law’s client-centric approach to labour & employment law is what makes our practice unique.

We emphasize preventative measures and resolving matters efficiently and cost-effectively through negotiation or arbitration. However, when disputes arise that mediation cannot resolve, we are experienced in dealing with these types of legal conflicts in court, at regulatory proceedings, or at a tribunal, and always to the satisfaction of our clients.

If you have legal questions or concerns about your professional reputation, your business, or your rights, you need to talk to an agile legal team you can trust. Put our knowledge of the law and experience representing people like you to work, and get the proactive counsel you need.

If you have a question about labour law, employment law, your rights or your business’s rights, give us a call. Let us put our knowledge and dedication to work for you!