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Union Matters

Discover all you need to know on Union Matters and how we can help by selecting the issue or concern you currently face or wish to learn more about:

Grievances & Arbitrations

Our experienced lawyers can help navigate the grievance process through arbitrations or labour board hearings. We understand the needs and complexities associated with unionized workplaces, including the high expenses connected with the arbitration process.
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Unfair Labour Practice Applications

Under Canadian and provincial labour laws, there are certain rules that unions and employers must not violate. When there is a violation of these rules it is considered an Unfair Labour Practice (commonly refereed to as an “ULP”) in which case the interested party may apply to the Labour Relations Board in its respective jurisdiction for the appropriate remedy.  
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Unionization (Certification) & De-Unionization (Decertification) Matters

Regardless of whether you are in the process of a certification or decertification, it is a complicated procedure, which can lead to a number of complex disputes. At Zeilikman Law, our experienced labour lawyers are able to provide the legal advice that is needed during the certification or decertification process.
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Duty of Fair Representation Applications

As experienced labour lawyers; we are able to provide guidance and legal advice during difficult circumstances to try to avoid a duty of fair representation application being brought. Our experienced lawyers are also able to provide the legal advice and guidance that is needed during the process when a duty of fair representation application is made.
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Collective Bargaining

Our lawyers can provide assistance with preparing bargaining proposals, the strategy and tactics of effective negotiation, conducting and leading collective agreement negotiations and the language that is used in the agreements.
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Ontario Labour Relations Board Proceedings

Our lawyers can provide assistance and legal advice regarding how to properly complete the required forms, such as the relevant information that needs to be included. We are also able to provide experienced legal advice and representation throughout the mediation and hearing process, in front of the Ontario Labour Relations Board.
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Internal Union Matters & Affairs

At Zeilikman Law, our experienced lawyers often advise clients regarding internal union affairs and governance. We provide assistance and advice with regard to our client’s obligations under relevant legislation and the common law. 
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Related Employer Applications

Whether you are a union bringing a related employer application, or an employer trying to fight an application that has been brought, our experienced labour lawyers are able to assist throughout the process at each step of the way.
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Union Organizing Drives

With a depth of knowledge, our experienced labour lawyers are able to guide you through the process of a union organizing drive and ensure that you are ready for the next step of the certification process.  If necessary, we will represent you before legal proceedings in the event of a controversy or a dispute.
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Sale of Business

Whether you are a union deciding whether to negotiate with a purchaser, or a potential purchaser trying to determine whether to purchase a business, our experienced labour lawyers are able to provide the advice required and represent you in the course of a legal proceeding before a court or tribunal if necessary.  
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Discipline & Discharge

The lawyers at Zeilikman Law can advise about proper discipline and discharge in the unionized context. Our experienced labour lawyers can provide advice and guidance on conducting proper investigations, meeting procedural obligations, the appropriateness of the discipline or discharge, and spot areas of issue/weaknesses that may or did arise throughout the process.
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