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Trends in North American Labour Markets

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The past two years have caused major shifts in all aspects of life in North America. As industries in Canada and the U.S. have experienced shutdowns and various employment trends, it is important to recognize where these transitions will leave working individuals, and how employers can adapt.

The pandemic effect

In both countries, studies have found that work-related burnout has been on the rise. Life in the pandemic has caused extra stress in the lives of everyone and experts have found that many cases of burnout come from factors such as this that are outside of the workplace. Nevertheless, these issues are real and are changing the dynamic of many workspaces.

For instance, in the U.S. and Canada, across industries and job roles, employees are looking for more from their workplace and their employers. More than wages, promotions or perks, employees are putting an emphasis on situations that increase their sense of self-worth and quality of life. A workplace that makes an individual feel like they are accomplishing something important with supportive people around them are in higher demand than they have ever been before.

This is quite an interesting finding based on research conducted by Indeed. It is a reflection of the inward thinking that the shutdown has inspired.

What does this mean for employers?

Knowing that self-worth is a topic on the mind of many workers, employers have an opportunity to connect and inspire their teams. There are many strategies that can be implemented in order to boost the self-worth of employees.

Studies have shown that the simple step of acknowledging hard work is an easy and effective step for a leader to take. Sometimes it can be very reassuring for an individual to hear that they are valued by their employer. Even through a minor success.

Investing in your own team is another way to show them that they are supported. This includes making time for them to learn and grow on their own. Sending interesting articles, having one on one conversations and learning more about each individual’s likes and dislikes will allow an employer and employee to grow together.

Most importantly, employers must address any issues coming from an employee with an open mind. This has been a tough couple of years for everybody. As long as employers maintain an understanding and open mindset in any scenario involving employees, it will surely boost their confidence and willingness to excel in their position.

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