Restructuring Management

To meet the demands of a constantly changing, challenging and highly competitive economy, several businesses at times face the need to restructure its human resources to improve efficiency and productivity.

A restructuring or reorganization of a company can include rethinking its reporting hierarchies, adding/eliminating or merging jobs, clarifying roles and responsibilities, realigning a brand or the products which are offered, building the skills of the managers, downsizing of the company, merging with other companies or organizations, and/or changing a department or corporate structure.

Restructuring management

When an employer restructures their business or organization, many legal obligations need to be highly regarded and complied to avoid liabilities. For example, employers may be held liable for unilaterally changing the terms and responsibilities of long-term employees. Employers may be held liable for reducing their employees’ pay or causing a loss of prestige in the employees’ position. 

How can Zeilikman Law help?

Our experienced lawyers understand the importance of the obligations placed on the employer when restructuring their workplace. Our employment lawyers can advise and guide an employer through the proper steps of restructuring and reorganizing the workplace to limit any potential liability for a potential wrongful dismissal lawsuit. 

Our experienced lawyers can also help to minimize brand and reputation damage by the mismanagement of workplace restructuring. Further, if a lawsuit is unavoidable, our lawyers will vigorously represent your company’s interests in the course of the legal proceeding with your company’s best business and legal interests in mind.

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