It is a truism of employment law that most cases settle at the mediation stage. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process used to resolve numerous types of employment disputes, such as wrongful dismissal claims.  

When mediation happens, the difference between a successful and unsuccessful mediation comes down to the parties’ preparation. Being properly prepared, understanding the importance of flexibility and creativity, and taking advantage of the opportunity to settle are all important tips for a successful mediation.


Often, the failure to properly prepare is the reason for an unsuccessful mediation.   

Many cases can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods – such as mediation – avoiding the costly, time-consuming, and stressful litigation process.

How can Zeilikman Law help?

We have been successful at settling numerous cases at the mediation stage by negotiating favourable deals for our clients. This is because our experienced lawyers understand the benefits of resolving a dispute through the mediation process in a confidential and cost-effective matter. 

We will provide strategic and legal advice throughout the mediation process and assist in the selection of an appropriate and mutually acceptable mediator.

At Zeilikman Law, we approach these issues with logical and creative solutions. Our experienced lawyers will effectively prepare for the mediation, and be there throughout each step of the process. We have the know-how to navigate through the psychology of any given dispute.

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