Employment Contracts Preparation or Review

Employment contracts are used as a means to describe and formalize the terms and conditions that will apply to the employment relationship…

At Zeilikman Law, we understand the importance of drafting contracts that are clear and concise. Our lawyers can help draft employment contracts and other agreements that comply with legal requirements and statues while meeting the employer’s requests.

About Employment Contracts

Once signed, this contract becomes a legally binding and enforceable document between the employer and employee, unless the contract is unconscionable or illegal, or there are “boilerplate” terms that undermine the validity of the document.

A good employment contract will account for changes in the employment relationship because the employment relationship is not frozen in time from the initial start date, as it may include modified terms when the employment relationship evolves such as through promotions, organizational restructuring, or increases in pay that are agreed on either expressly or by way of the parties’ conduct.

Employment contracts

Employment contracts provide many benefits to the employment relationship, such as clearly expressing the expectation of the employment, and providing the ability to negotiate the terms of the contract it may also protect an employer from certain liabilities upon termination of the employment relationship.

What can an Employment Contract contain?

Since employment contracts operate at two levels – being work in exchange for pay and a promise to employ and be employed until at least reasonable notice has been provided – several specifics regarding the entitlement, obligations, and restrictions of both parties, can be covered in the contract.

Such specifics can include: duties, salary, job title, geographic work location, standard to which reasonable notice will be determined, compensation and benefits, the duration of employment, what constitutes grounds for termination, confidentially (especially where the employee is privy to proprietary information – to prevent that employee from disclosing the confidential information legally), incorporation and employment policies, non-solicitation/non-compete clauses, and the policies for resolving workplace disputes.

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