WSIB Claims & Appeals

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is an Ontario government insurance scheme that provides certain benefits to employees or workers when they are not able to work because of an injury or illness that they sustained from a work-related accident. The worker or employee may have developed a medical condition or illness from the workplace as well. Once a worker or employee has sustained an injury or condition from work and that workplace is covered by the WSIB, a claim should be submitted to the WSIB for that worker to receive certain benefits. There are also certain steps that the worker or employee must take to receive benefits from a WSIB claim and those steps would include reporting the injury or condition to the WSIB as well as completing certain forms and other steps.

There are different types of benefits that the WSIB may provide to an injured worker or employee. These benefits may include income replacement benefits involving both loss-of-earnings benefits and loss-of-retirement income benefits. The WSIB may also provide certain non-economic loss benefits which may compensate the employee or worker for physical, functional or psychological loss. It is important to remind our readers that WSIB benefits are based statute and that the WSIB has extensive policies and rules that determine whether an employee’s injury is covered by the WSIB. The WSIB may also rely on prior decisions that they have made to determine a result.

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Sometimes employees or workers are denied benefits by the WSIB that they are entitled to. This is not the end of the story. At Zeilikman Law, we have professionals who can appeal decisions that were made about an employee’s benefit entitlements by the WSIB. If you were injured at work and want more information about the WSIB’s decision making processes and a better understanding of your claim, you should contact Zeilikman Law.