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Unfair Labour Practice Allegations

An unfair labour allegation involves a claim against an employer, a union, or an employee, that states that the individual acted in a manner contrary to provincial labour legislation and principles set out in various labour board decisions and the courts. For example, an employer could be alleged to have committed an unfair labour practice by illegally interfering in union activities or in activities of employees or union members.

The process involves review of the application by the applicable board – whether the Canadian Industrial Relations Board or, in Ontario, the Ontario Labour Relations Board. The Board would then normally offer a meeting to mediate a given dispute and in the event no resolution is found, the Board would refer the matter to a hearing on the merits.

At Zeilikman Law, our lawyers are well equipped and experienced in a variety of labour relations processes. Our lawyers have been involved in contentious labour disputes involving our union clients as well as employees and employers.