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The Elimination Period

The elimination period is a term used to refer to the period of time an employee must be absent from work in order to become eligible for disability benefits. Since most employees obtain their short-term disability benefits directly from their employer, the elimination period usually refers to the period of time relevant to the attainment of long-term disability benefits.

During the elimination period the insured is responsible for their own expenses for care or assistance. Some insurance policies may list the elimination period as the policy’s deductible. Furthermore, there is an inverse relation between the elimination period and the premiums paid for the insurance coverage. The higher the premiums, generally, the shorter the elimination period.

As many facets of employment law the elimination period itself carries a wide body of case law that defines its limits and conditions. Before making a claim you need knowledgeable lawyers to assess all the issues that may arise out of the elimination period. Zeilikman Law has the experience necessary to confidently guide you through this crucial period in receiving the benefits to which you may be legally entitled.