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Review and Preparation of Employment Contracts

In Canada the law governing employment is broad and is contained not only in statute but also as part of a vast collection of cases that form our common law. At its heart employment is a contract between two parties, the employer and the employee, where the latter party agrees to fulfill some kind of service to the former party for, most frequently, wages as a form of consideration.

Employment contracts are not like other contracts because through many years of interpreting cases the employment relationship has been extensively scrutinized by our common law courts. For instance, many people are not aware that an employment contract may be subject to change and transformation. It is crucial to be aware of many of the governing principles in preparing employment contracts as a poorly drafted contract may attract extensive liability. A well-drafted employment agreement, on the other hand, may adequately and fairly protect both the employer and the employee.

Our lawyers are uniquely qualified to handle the drafting of employment contracts because, as litigators, we have great insight into the evolution and the judges’ constant interpretation of this dynamic area of law.