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Medical Benefits

Medical benefits or health care benefits refer to insurance coverage that supplements an individual’s provincial health plan. These benefits can range from dental coverage, to coverage for pharmaceuticals, to coverage for hospital cash or critical illness. The benefits are usually offered in graduated levels – with each level offering a varying amount of coverage corresponding with the price paid for the policy.

Health and medical benefits often have coverage that specifies the amount of monies allocated to each type of physician or illness. Some plans offer minimal sum coverage for seeing a chiropractor, psychologist, or physiotherapist, but exclude any coverage for massage therapy or seeing a naturopath. Other plans offer large sum coverage for seeing most, if not all, medical professionals.

When an issue involving medical benefits arises you need to hire a lawyer that has both a good understanding of the benefits system as well as a strong grasp of employment law. Zeilikman Law has extensive experience dealing with claims for medical benefits specifically in the employment law context, and will be able to guide you through the tumult of getting what is rightfully yours.