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Insurance Policy in a Work Context

An insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the insured. The insurer offers monetary coverage for specific claims, in exchange for the payment of insurance premiums by the insured. The contract clearly sets out the claims for which the insurer will be liable to pay.

 In an employment context, insurance policies often form part of an employee’s working conditions. For instance, in addition to wages, employers may often provide medical and disability insurance for the benefit of its employees. What is less known is that in certain instances employers can be liable for benefits provided in the insurance policy.

Zeilikman Law offers critical insight into the world of insurance policies, and it is crucial that your representative be comfortable with all the ins and outs of the plethora of policies that pervade the workplace. This is precisely why Zeilikman Law is the ideal choice for any such matters. If you are disabled and denied benefits found in your insurance policy, we strongly urge you to contact our firm for immediate consultation.