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Insurance Company’s Duty of Good Faith

In addition to the written terms set out in the insurance policy an insurer owes the insured a duty of good faith. However, the insurer is not expected to act solely for the benefit of the insured, as they have their own duties to act for the benefit of their company. The extent of the insurer’s duty of good faith is to consider the insured’s interests on equal terms with its own.

The duty of good faith, however, does not imply that the insurer must agree with the insured’s view. For instance, an insurance company will always request medical documentation to support a claim for disability.  However, sometimes insurance companies can be less than cooperative with individuals in need of genuine compensation.

There are two sides to every coin, and as such, one requires the services of experienced legal professionals that can appreciate the requirements as well as limitations on both sides. Zeilikman Law will be able to guide you through the obligations that insurers owe to their insured and vice-versa to determine if you have been treated fairly.