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Human Resources Professionals

The Human Resources Professionals Association (“HRPA”), established under the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, is an organization that regulates the human resources profession in Ontario. The HRPA’s mandate is to ensure the competency of human resources professionals, as well as their ethical behaviour, in an effort to both promote and enrich the profession as well as to protect the interests of the public.

Governed by a Board of Directors, the HRPA provides for three levels of membership and licensing: Certified Human Resources Professional (“CHRP”) – an entry-level position, Certified Human Resources Leader (“CHRL”) – a professional level position, and Certified Human Resources Executive (“CHRE”) – an executive level position. While CHRP duties are mostly restricted to administrative matters, the duties of a CHRL involve the management of projects, delegation of work to other staff, and the implementation of plans passed down from upper management. CHREs usually lead the human resources function in large companies, working primarily on developing large scale projects and implementing them along with an overarching human resources strategy.

The HRPA offers a complaint process and an investigation process to hold its members accountable. The HRPA also has a Discipline Committee that is charged with hearing allegations of professional misconduct, incompetency or incapacity that are forwarded to it from the investigation process. To file a complaint a member of the general public or a member of the profession has to fill out the online complaint form available on the HRPA’s website. Once complete the complaint is to be sent to the office of the registrar of the HRPA. The accused member is given thirty (30) days to respond, and that response is considered in concert with the complaint by the Complaints and Investigations Committee (“CIC”). The CIC may conduct further investigations and interviews as it may require, and in making its verdict the CIC may choose to forward the matter to the Discipline Committee or make an order that the matter not be forwarded, they could also take any action they deem appropriate, and negotiate a tentative settlement to be referred to the Discipline Committee. The Discipline Committee may employ any remedy that it deems just and reasonable in the circumstances: this means that the Discipline Committee may revoke the license, suspend the license for a term up to twenty-four (24) months, impose limitations or conditions upon the license, impose a fine, fix costs, and impose a reprimand, an admonishment, or counseling.

At Zeilikman Law we often deal with Human Resources professionals both when seeking to negotiate termination packages for dismissed employees or when the Human Resources professionals come to us for employment-related advice on behalf of themselves when their employment is terminated.

If you are a Human Resources professional facing a disciplinary proceeding or have been terminated from your employment due to alleged professional wrongdoing we urge you to give us a call to discuss your matter immediately. In addition to saving your license, you may be entitled to damages from your former employer.