Defamation in Employment Law

Defamation is the act of intentionally making false statements about and individual or individuals in writing (libel) or verbally (slander), which damages their reputation or livelihood.

To initiate a civil claim of libel or slander against another person or organization, it must be a defamatory statement that was made to a third party, the defamatory statement must be made about a specific person or organization, and the defamatory statement must be false and disparages the person or organization.

Defamation is not an uncommon occurrence in employment matters, especially when it comes to reference letters or statements made by former employers to other businesses or regulatory bodies.


A highly nuanced practice area, defamation law in the employment context, requires up-to-date knowledge of this rapidly evolving body of law.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in litigating defamation matters in various contexts including personal, professional, business, and employment. We also have considerable experience in dealing with internet-based or online defamation.

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