Class Actions

A class action differs from the usual type of lawsuit. A class-action lawsuit concerns a situation wherein there is an identifiable group of individuals, referred to as a class, which sues another party.

Class actions can be advantageous in that they aggregate many claims into one action, thus lowering the cost of litigation collectively, as well as, the amount of time spent in court. Instead of dealing with hundreds of separate claims on a particular unifying issue against the same party, the court will only have to deal with one representative claim.

Moreover, class actions offer claimants the opportunity to split the damages awarded fairly, preventing early-birds from emptying the total funds before the rest of the claimants get their day in court. This form of lawsuit is also advantageous in that it prevents the possibility that the courts may offer different rulings in similar cases – making sure that all claimants receive the same ruling.

Class actions

However, class action lawsuits are not without their abuse and have run into issues in particular where the class is flooded with claimants making frivolous claims. This effectively waters down any chance that the real victims had to receive what they are owed.

Lawyers who practice employment law are no strangers to class proceedings, especially in matters involving mass terminations or layoffs. Class actions are also common with regard to the matters of overtime, holiday pay, and vacation pay.

Given its inherent complexity, it is extremely important to retain appropriate counsel when considering the commencement of such a legal process.

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