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Employer liability for Short or Long-term Disability Benefits

When it comes to the administration of the insurance policy the employer can be considered an agent of the insurer. As such, the relationship between the two may call to question whether the employer can be liable for payment of short- and long-term benefits otherwise terminated or denied by the insurer.

Case law indicates that in Ontario an employer may be liable for such payments if the employee in question was terminated without cause, or if that employee’s benefits were terminated and they became disabled within the notice period. If the case is structured properly an employee may be eligible to receive both the disability benefits lawfully owed and any damages for the wrongful dismissal.

In order to structure your case in the most effective manner you need the services of a lawyer who has the experience and understanding required to get you what you deserve. Zeilikman Law can structure your case in the most favourable manner to ensure that the damages you receive provide you with what you are legally owed.