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Labour & Employment Law
Labour & Employment Law

We can help both employers and employees with the challenges that arise in workplaces.

Key Points for Employers about Condonation
28 Aug, 2018

Employers do not have to provide notice of termination or pay in lieu thereof if there was “just cause” to terminate the employee.  Just cause exists if the employee has committed a serious act of misconduct such as an act of insubordination or incompetence.

Employee entitlement to emergency or bereavement leave.  What happens when a pet dies?
09 Aug, 2018

In July 2018, a woman in Montreal was unsuccessful in her complaint filed with Quebec’s labour tribunal.  She had complained to the tribunal that her employer had refused to allow her to take paid leave after the unexpected death of beloved pet cat.  The tribunal ruled that there were no laws in Quebec that would allow an employee to miss work due to the death of a pet and, as such, the employer was not required to allow her paid leave. 

Feeling Pressure by Your Employer to Sign a Termination or Severance Package?
11 Jul, 2018

My employer is pressuring me to sign a termination or severance package before I am ready to do so.  I am worried that I will not have enough time to review the package.  What should I do?

The Tweet That Cost Roseanne Her Job and Employee Online Behaviour
28 Jun, 2018

After Roseanne Barr made provocative comments about a former senior advisor to former President Obama on Twitter two weeks ago, her show, which had just been renewed for a second season by ABC, was swiftly cancelled. 

Independent Contractor or Employee?
19 Jun, 2018

I just lost my job.  My former employer classified my position as an “independent contractor” and has not provided me any notice of the termination.  However, I am not so sure that I am actually an “independent contractor” because my former employer controlled a lot about my job including when and how the work was performed. 


Arthur Zeilikman
Arthur Zeilikman

Arthur Zeilikman holds a B.A. (Honours) in History from York University, a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Toronto and a Juris Doctor from the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law.

Jennifer Zeilikman
Jennifer Zeilikman

Jennifer Zeilikman is Zeilikman Law’s managing counsel. She earned her law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the Bar in June 2010.

Dennis Ovsyannikov
Dennis Ovsyannikov

Dennis Ovsyannikov obtained a B.A. (Honours) in History from York University (graduating with highest honour) and a J.D. from the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law.