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The Ontario Association of Architects (“OAA”), established under the Architects Act is an association that regulates and represents architects in Ontario. The OAA promotes, regulates, represents and supports architects in Ontario in order to serve and protect the public interest. A council that is elected, in part, by the profession and in part by the Province of Ontario governs the OAA.

Amongst its responsibilities is the administration of licensing standards for architects. In order to be a licensed professional architect in Ontario one must meet the education requirement, attain at least two years of on-the-job experience, attend the OAA admissions course and pass the relevant examinations.

The OAA hears complaints regarding its members and may choose to conduct disciplinary hearings where appropriate. The resulting disciplinary actions include revocation or suspension of the license, the limitation of the scope of practice, the imposition of certain practice conditions, and the imposition of fines.

If you are an architect facing a disciplinary proceeding or have been terminated from your employment due to alleged professional misconduct we urge you to give us a call to discuss your matter immediately. In addition to saving your license, you may be entitled to damages from your former employer.